Thursday, 31 July 2014

#AllThingsPink Baby Shower Event

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If you didn`t know we are expecting Baby number 5 and are THRILLED to be expecting our first baby GIRL!!!!

With having a new baby and this time a girl I really wanted to get her new things and personalise it to her So being a girl and all I decided to go Pink!!  I am excited to be hosting the All Things Pink Baby Shower Event on my blog and you can look forward to some great baby product reviews as well as a few things for mom and
                                  LOTS of GIVEAWAYS!!!!

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Dairy Fairy Arden Review #AllThingsPink

The Dairy Fairy

Nursing my children has been a great journey that i am excited to continue with baby girl once she arrives.  I love the cuddle and bonding time it provides and not having to pay for formula is a HUGE bonus!!  I have however wanted to pump sometimes and have the option of using a bottle of my milk if needed or wanted.. the problem...It is not easy..

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Infanteenie Beenie Review #AllThingsPink

newborn hospital hat- newborn hat- newborn girl-newborn girl- baby girl- baby boy- newborn hats
When a baby is born and they first come out the very first thing that is put on them are those little hospital hats to keep them warm.  If your lucky your hospital of choice has those little blue and pink stripped hats that are gender neutral and kinda cute...If your not so lucky you get what all four of my boys got which was essentially a yellow/ivory coloured tube sock tied off with a little elastic band...Yep that's what we got as a keepsake for all four...
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