Saturday 17 March 2012

Can you believe all 3 are asleep!!!

I am sitting here before 10 pm and am alone!!!This so does not ever happen but with hubby working tonight and all 3 kidlets asleep..yes asleep..quiet you might wake them lol...I actually have time to sit at the computer and write a little post here on the ol blog!!

Having my third little boy I have really started to weed out the good the bad and the ugly of baby equipment. Strollers, swings,diapers...we have been through different brands and styles and now have our favorites! My plan for this blog was to write reviews for my favoriate and not so favorite products so that other mom's especially the new moms out there could maybe get so insight before they make the investments in baby equipment and yes they are investments!!

My first bit of advice is to always buy with more then one child in mind. You never know when the next little kidlet will come along; and you might be ready for more sooner then you think,  so resist the urge to buy that pink stroller, and opt for thr gender nutral one. It really sucks when you find out your expecting your second and it is an oppisite gender and your looking at all your good equiptment wondering if your husband will be ok win your new son swinging in a pink swing with dollies and flowers :)
Second bit of advice get the better quality items if you are planning on more children so that they will last and stand the test of time and multiple messes!! I am not saying get the most expensive stuff but check it out, look for sales, coupons and get the best deal you can. Most of all do your reasearch and make sure that the product you buy will work the best for your family. Oh and make sure EVERYTHING is washable. You will have to strip down those items and wash it all so ease of dismantalling is important!!!

Happy messes!!

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