Wednesday 13 June 2012

Bugables and Twist-it Review

Mommyknowz Bugables and Twist-it Review Mommyknowz Bugables and Twist-it Review

I was pleased to receive a package of Bugables Mosquito repellent stickers and a Twist-it mosquito repeller from PIC-Pest free living.  As a Mom of 3 boys; 2 being under 2, I am very concerned about the chemicals that get put around and on my children.  I therefore dread when that first mosquito makes its appearance in late spring as that means I have to break out the nasty bug sprays!  This is why I was super excited to come across these products! 
Bugables work by emitting an ‘aura’ of all natural, plant-based essential oils including Lemongrass, Geraniol and Citronella . This scent masks the odors humans emit that attract insects effectively making “you” smell like a plant and invisible to insects. Each sticker is supposed to last 200 Hours and keeps the bug away from 4 to 6 feet per sticker. So if you use and then store in a zip lock bag you can continue to use the same sticker.  There are 5 stickers in each package, mine had a dolphin,sun, palm tree, sunglasses and flip flops. Very cute!!

Citronella Plus TWIST-IT Mosquito Repeller uses All Natural Oils and is U.S. Laboratory Tested.  They can be twisted around anything like an umbrella at your table or even the handle of a stroller and last up to 200 hours!!

We had to wait awhile after receiving these as our mosquitoes were a bit late in arriving this year but they have started to come out and these products seem to work great!!  Haven't had any bits yet!!  One thing to note is that these products are not to be used by children under 5,  this made it a bit tricky for me but I just stuck the stickers on things they had on like their backpack, hats and even their shoes or backs of their jackets.  Somewhere they wouldn't notice them and not really close to any skin. These products have a VERY strong smell, as this is how they work, so I just made sure to store them in a plastic bag. 

Overall if you don't mind the citronella smell these are a great alternative to those yucky toxic bug sprays!!

Disclosure: Mommyknowz receive sample(s) for purpose of testing and review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own

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