Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hazelamber Teething Necklace Review

      I am one of those moms who only use medication on my children when absolutely necessary, so when teething time comes around I cringe!  It is either put up with an unhappy, crying, and in pain child (which I do as long as possible)
or give in and pull out the infant medication...Both not great choices as far as I'm concerned!  So I was curious when I heard of the Hazelwood/amber teething necklaces and how they can help for many different ailments including teething!

    Just a note right off the bat...these are to wear not chew on!  I have had many questions when mentioning to others.  You choose a size that will fit close to child’s neck, and not be able reach into their mouth.  Healing Hazel is the only company that offers 4 choices in size!  They also sell Bracelets and offer many bead choices so you can personalize to your child.

     I was surprised to learn that Native Americans have been using Hazelwood for its healing properties for thousands of years. Hazelwood has the medicinal property of neutralizing the body's acidity.  This can help to relieve or prevent ailments such as ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn, teething, skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, and acne), arthritis and arthrosis, constipation, migraines, and dental cavities. You can even notice as you wear the necklace that the wood will begin to darken which are the acids from your body being absorbed into the Hazelwood.  When the ends of the wood are very dark it means it is time to get a new necklace (this time can vary depending how much acidity is absorbed from 3 months to a year.  Amber is also known for helping with the pain of teething as it releases natural oils into the skin when warmed by the body heat.
     Hazelwood is known to help eleaveate exzema as well and that is another reason I was intersisted in these products.  My boys have all developed eczema on their cheeks at between 3 to 6 months of age.  It has gotten so bad at some points that it is weeping and very red and sore and we have tried many creams including medicated creams.  I was very excited to see that within hours of putting the necklace on my baby boy the rough patches on his cheeks started to look less red and dry and then it went completely away!!!  I know!!  I was surprized and VERY happy!!  I can't saw how it worked with teething yet as my middle munchkin was just finishing up with his molars when we received and it did seem to help him (red cheeks went down and droll seemed to lessen) but he was almost done.  I am really looking forward to trying these on the baby when his teeth come far nothing but I will update when it happens :)
A Baby can start wearing the Hazelwood necklace at 4 months of age. 
CPSC certified. And made right here in Sherbrook, Quebec Canada
Find Healing Hazel on facebook and Twitter and check out their website for more information and to order your Hazelamber Teething necklace.

Enter to win a hazelwood Teething necklace .

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  1. If I had a younger one I would so get one!

  2. Wow I had heard about Amber beads but not about Hazelwood! Very neat

  3. There are so many of these on the market now! They always come up with new things, but no babies in our house anymore. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I've heard of these, but never tried them. Very interesting!


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