Friday, 22 June 2012

Soda Stream Review

The Sodastream is a really neat little machine and I really like that you can just have it and have soda whenever you want without going out to the store every time. As a mommy I am very concerned about how much sugar my children get so I was really excited to receive the soda stream as it would allow me to give them the BIG treat of pop but with me able to control the amount of sugar in it. 

 I received the Green fizz machine and a 12 pack of the most popular flavor samples that make 1 liter of pop each.   The Green fizz machine is really cool cause you can see on a little display how much c02 you have left in the cartridge and you can see how much fizz you are giving your pop as well.  You can make it regular or realllly fizzy.  I like really fizzy!!  I love that it has the reusable bottle that comes with it for carbonation too1  That makes so many less bottles going to waste (if you were to buy all that pop).  Also each C02 cartarge makes 60 liters of pop  think of all the bottles and gas from trips to the store your saving!!!Also when your cartridge runs out it is just $17.99 to exchange for a new cartarge!

I must admit I was a bit unsure about what I was getting when I received my soda stream.  Home made soda pop!!??!  And to be honest my first try with the soda stream was not so good...We went with the orange flavor first and it was not good...well I am really not a fan of artificial sweeteners and all of the flavors they sent me have them and the orange flavor has a lot!  I was a bit hesitant to continue trying but I figured I needed to try some more to give this machine a full review so I tried the cranberry raspberry next and was pleased to find that I really liked it!!  I did use slightly less then the full sampler pack of flavoring but it was really good!  Then on a happier try I tried the ginger ale and again liked it!   I have 12 different sample flavors to try and have worked threw 3 so far so I am hoping to keep on the yummy trend!  I really love that if I feel like a pop and we don't have any store bought I can just use my own tap water give it a few buzzes and some flavor and poof soda!  and it is fast and fun to use!

There were a few things I didn't like about the soda stream one being that it is tall so it doesn't fit under the cupboards on the counter or even in my cupboards so it is a little hard to keep it out of sight out of mind with the kidlets. 2nd being that all the flavors I could find have sucrose in them and I personally would rather have sugar and limit the amount of flavor added then have fake sugar that I think tastes gross.  I did work around this by making juice with the carbonated water or you could find other flavor syrups that use sugar.  I hope that Sodastream comes out with some new flavor for us real sugar loving folkes.  Then it would be perfect.

The soda stream retails for $99.99 to $239.99 and is available online at Sodastream   and at some local retailer's (I found that my local London Drugs carriers them and the flavor syrups $6.99) Also exchange C02 cartridges are only $17.99!  That's alot of saved money in the long run!

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