Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy Birthday to our Middle Munchkin!

The Mommyknowz household has had a very busy week with Canada Day celebrations and on the same day the Birthday of our wonderful middle munchkin!  Can't believe that two years have already gone by! 
Not only did he have a big birthday with lots of friends and family over the weekend but also moved up to his new big boy bed!!  and the verdict ....He LOVES it!!  and Mommy loves it too!  He jumps in and goes to sleep almost right away for night and nap times and he is sleeping way better at night time as well!  The Spiderman sheet and comforter set from Grandma for his birthday helps I'm sure.  Just hoping this is not just a honeymoon stage.....fingers crossed but it never lasts lol. I was also very happy to find after checking ebay and not finding it I was able to find a Toy story Woody Doll at our local Disney store and he was sooo happy to have his own Woody! anyhow Happy Birthday to my great little 2 year old and happy Canada Day to all Canadians and Happy Independence Day to all my American friends and Family too!

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