Thursday 26 July 2012

How to make "pages" on Blogger.

How to make "pages" on Blogger.

To make pages on Blogger that update as you post you need to:

1. Go to new post and click all labels you want as pages. now publish.  When you look at your post it will say labels then all your labels .

2. Open 2nd window of your blog (just makes it easier) go to design

3. Go to layout

4. Add a gadget

5. Little box pops up, scroll down till you get to link list and add

6. Little box pops up now go to other blog screen and click on your first label copy the URL

7. Paste URL into the New Site URL spot

8. Give it a name (this will be the page name) ie Giveaways

9. Add, but don't close

10. Go to the next label on the other window and repeat steps 6-9

When you have added all your labels you can move them into the order you want and hit save. now you can move the gadget box where ever you want it.  Mine is along the top header spot on my blog.

Note your posts will go to your home page and to your link list page.  Then you can adjust hoe many posts you want to show on main page I show 1 or 2.

Hope this helps everyone! :)  Happy Blogging

Also made a video for those that learn better this way


  1. OK, I am trying to do this and I am not getting it to work. Can you help me?

  2. I have a drop down menu and I want the post to go the the right page. This works, butI don't want the link to show on my page I only want the post to go there. Any Ideas?


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