Friday, 27 July 2012

Mygofer Review

I came across a site I wanted to tell my American Friends about. It is the best idea site I've seen lately and is great for those collage and University students that Mommy still wants to take care of... What is the site.. Well it is called and it is a website where you can purchase everyday products like milk, cheese, pasta etc and have it shipped where ever you want!!  Soooo this means Mommy can get that really good and sometimes essential care package delivered to their student easier and with more then just cookies and peanut butter in it!! 

Mygofer gives the consumer the ability to shop a “virtual aisle” filled with groceries, fresh produce, meats, and everyday products.  It is different from other company's because  after someone has placed an order on Mygofer, the products are handpicked from local stores and then picked up or delivered to the customer within a matter of hours.  You have the option of picking up your order or having it shipped to your house, and you didn't have to stand in line or search all over the store to look for products that aren't there!!  They even offer Pet Supplies!!  Check out the cool chart below and be sure to check out Mygofer!  Wish they delivered in Canada!!
Campus Delivery
This is a sponsored post but the thoughts are my own.


  1. "This is a sponsored post" says it all.
    Google "mygofer reviews" and see that this organization is a DISASTER. I personally have been going around with them for seven weeks about a TV order that they 1. cancelled, 2. did not ship and 3. issued a credit to my PayPal account, so they say. The problem is that 1. the order was not cancelled, 2. the TV was shipped and arrived here and 3. there is no credit or refund in my PayPal or credit card acct.
    Customer "Service" keeps delaying by insisting that a refund was issued and I may have to pay for the TV again and making me prove that I never received a refund or credit. Making me prove a negative is outrageous.
    NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I have read ONLY negative reviews about Mygofer except for this sponsored post by MommyKnowz.

    1. I am really sorry to hear about your experience with this company!! I did not use them but saw the site and thought it was a great idea. if they are doing the job they advertise then it would be a great tool for many people...Unfortunatly there are issues that come up and i'm glad you commented and let others know the issues you are having. Hopefully they can figue it out and take care of their customers.

    2. The previous post is correct. This company is a scam. They did something very similar to me. Cancelled 2 orders and kept saying they gave me the credit....which they did not. I finally reported them to the BBB after 2 mos of going back and forth with them and they then finally gave me my credit. They're associated with Sears and Kmart. I still love those stores and will shop at the actual store but will never get my business again!! Sears and Kmart need to go thru a different company to keep up there reputation.

  2. Same here. Just had an awful experience with them. I ordered an item hoping to get it before christmas as stated in their website, delivery dec18-21. Then I got a confirmation email stating that delivery dec31st. I called them a couple of times to cancel and they wouldn't do it. I wouldn't have ordered it with them if I knew that they will deliver it after christmas. If they keep on doing this, misleading customers, i'm pretty sure they are not gonna last.


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