Tuesday 10 July 2012

PlasmaCar review

I was very excited to receive the yellow Plasmacar for a review and the verdict is........I LOVE my Plasmacar!! 
I was a little concerned that Big Boy wouldn't be big enough to use the Plasmacar as he is just three and a half, but the age limits on the box say from ages 3 to 103 (love it and i`d love to see a little grandma riding down the road on one of these) So we gave it a try.  The Plasmacar is a self propelled ride on toy for all ages. You simply use a back and forward motion moving the steering wheel with your hands and away you go! Very easy to use.
The first time we brought it out for the boys they were excited but didn't quite get it.  I made Daddy give it a try to show them and Big boy seemed to get the idea but was still a bit hesitant (he is an ere on the side of cation kinda guy)  But they did have a lot of fun and a few fights just using their legs to push and drive around.  And they talked daddy into taking them for rides down the sidewalk as well.  Fun times :)!!
Then when we came out to play the next day and Big Boy went straight for the Plasmacar; sat on it and said "hop on brother lets go for a drive".  Both Big Boy and Middle Munchkin jumped on and had some fun.  Then Big Boy wanted to take it out front on the sidewalk and...... away he went!  He was so happy to get it moving on his own!  Now he is a pro and wants to go for a drive every time we head outside!

I love that the Plasmacar has such a long seat as it does allow both big boys to ride together and because it has a weight limit up to 220 pounds can fit mommy and daddy too!  FUN!  I also love that it is so easy to use!  Big Boy is just at the stage of getting trikes moving on his own (but is now to big for the trike) but is not quite ready for pedaling a two wheeler so this was a great way to let him be able to get going on his own and still include Middle Munchkin in the fun!

Overall I say we all love the Plasmacar and it really is fun for all ages!  Find Plasmacar on Twitter and Facebook and Check out their website to find where to purchase a Plasmacar near you!


  1. I really want to get one of these for my kids!

  2. I wanna get one too. It looks like your son is enjoying it!

  3. I really want one of these! My kids would love it!

  4. That looks like so much fun! I think I would have to try it when my son wasn't around. :-D


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