Monday 23 July 2012

Zuko Quick Pop Maker Review

If  there was ever a product a mommy needed on a hot summer day this is it!!!!!
Do I have your attention???What is it you may be asking well sit tight and be amazed!!

I am talking about the Zoku quick pop maker!  I received mine and literally have used it everyday!!  The Zoku Popsicle maker is a little unit that you put in your freezer, then when you want a Popsicle you pull it out pour in your liquid and within 7 to 9 minutes poof you've got yourself a Popsicle!!  We have made smoothie pops, juice pops, even rainbow pops!  I really loved having it when the boys were sick cause I made a really healthy smoothie with some buckwheat honey (known for its healing qualities and something the boys won't touch with a ten foot poll) thrown in and they gobbled them up! 

I received the three Popsicle unit and I was a bit concerned when I first open the package because it seemed like the Popsicles where going to be huge. I don't allow my children allot of sugar and really limit juice. However the first time I used it I found that you really don't need much juice to fill up the molds and the Popsicles come out quite slim.  Perfect for a special treat for the little ones!  The only thing I might possible change about this product would be to make a 6 spot circular Popsicle maker as the width is wide for little munchkins mouths but guessing they need to have the thinner wider ones for the fast freezing.  Also it does take up a bit of space in your freezer, we only have the small fridge top freezer but I still make room for my Zoku!!
Each Zoku kit includes 6 plastic pop sticks, 6 drip guards, and the Super tool which you twist on to pull out the quick pop.  The zoku can make up to 9 pops before it needs refreezing but each set may take a bit longer to freeze.  It is super fun to make rainbow pops or even to sick thinly sliced fruit in to make fruity pops! 

Overall I LOVE this product and would recommend to anyone with kids and a little freezer space.

Check out Zoku for yourself on their website, facebook and twitter

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