Thursday, 2 August 2012

Andy and Evan Review

I love cute clothes for my little boys but am very sad to say that they are far and few between!  I go shopping and while I might find one or two sorta cute pieces for my boys I see tons of items I'd love to buy if I had a girl....This makes me very frustrated!!   As a mom you want your child to be dressed nice and if you can it's really nice to not have them wearing the same clothes as all the other little boys or even worse be in jogging pants everyday because that's all you can find. This is way I was so happy to have the chance to review an item from the Andy and Evan clothing line for little boys!
They sent me a very cute "Shirtzie" dress shirt!  It is so sweet and very good quality!  I can see pictures for baby Boy in the very near future, just waiting for him to get a touch bigger and fit it!  And now I need some cute pants  to go with it lol.

Andy and Evan is an online shop for little gentlemen. They carry very cute Shirtizes as well as pants and shorts for your little gentlemen.  Weather you want a casual golf shirt look or a more dressy look they've got what your looking for.

You can Find a store near you that caries Andy and Evan if your in Canada. You can also check out their website 


  1. Hey from Dealy Os! That is so cute!! I wish my son still fit baby stuff. Hopefully we will have another on the way soon so I can get some of these ;)

  2. Don't currently have infants but that may change. This is also great for gifts. I love it thanks.


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