Saturday 4 August 2012

Corset Chick Review

As you know if you are a reader of my blog I grew up being in love and fascinated with times long ago in the days of big poofy dresses and corsets. I have never tried a corset on but when I got the opportunity to work on a review for corset I jumped right on it!  I was sent a beautiful burlesque style corset (black with purple) with pettiskirt that was too big for me and then was promptly sent another burlesque style corset top (black and pink) that fit!  I LOVE it!!!

The corset is made of a satin material with boning all around and a zipper up the side for easy wearing!!(Great feature!!) it also has the typical laces going up the back.  The burlesque style has ribbon running down the bodice of the corset on top of where the boning is in the front and has bows in the middle and sides.  The fabric is very good quality including ribbons and lace and workmanship is great!  I could find no flaws with either corset or the pettiskirt.  I am showing pictures of both corsets because the colors and quality are so great I wanted to share with my readers.

I was very surprised when I went to the corset chick website because not only do they offer beautiful garments ranging from corsets, to night ware, to corset dresses. even shoes.. But they offer Plus size corset options!!! And Lots and I mean LOTS of choice, I could spend hours looking on that site!!  I was also VERY surprised by the prices!!!  So many options and such great prices.  I saw options for $7 with the average on a corset being in the $25 to $30 range and yes that was for the plus sized ones as well!!  They do state that they tend to fit small and I can see that I would recommend you use their sizing chart though as with my first size choice I went with the average size I buy which happened to be right in the middle of two size choices.  I didn't take into consideration that my bottom half is larger then my top half and should have actually got some measurements....But happy to say I got one that fits great and the costumer service is great!!  I absolutely loved working with this company!!!

I highly recommend checking out for yourself.  You can find them on their Website 

I am very Pleased to share the chance to win a corset of your choice (up to $30) enter Here


  1. wow these look so nice! I didn't realize the prices were so great!! Thanks

  2. Love the purple one! Beautiful!

  3. OH MAN! That is so AWESOME~!~!~ I just checked out their site and it ROCKS~!~!~ Thank you for the info on Corset Chicks! I am for sure buying my corset there! I love their prices~!~!~ Great Review~!~!~


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