Thursday 25 October 2012

Flipsize an online store for kids!

Have you heard of Flipsize??  If not and you are a parent you NEED to check it out!!  it is an online store where you can send in your good quality used clothing and get credits to use for the next size up!!

 As any parent knows sometimes a child grows out of a size and sometimes (don't let Daddy know) they even grow out of a size before they even get to wear all the items you bought...Now you're left with almost brand new clothes that you spent hard earned money on and nothing to do with them.  Now thanks to modern Internet, from the comfort of your home you can order a free bag to be shipped to your house..fill it up with 40-100 items and drop off at any post office then poof you've got credits to use at the Flipsize "mall" to get a whole new wardrobe of great quality clothes that fit for your child!!
I LOVE this idea, especially being a one vehicle family I don't get to get out to the store all the time to buy things now from home I can do it all! 

Just go to Flipsize today and get your FREE inbound bag.  Shop is set to open by December!!

This is a sponsored post but really I do LOVE this!!

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