Monday, 7 January 2013

28 Weeks and counting

I am now 28 weeks pregnant with sweet baby boy number 4, yep that's what we have for a name so far.  and feeling good!  but also feeling huge!!!  I am not complaining or anything I LOVE being pregnant and feeling baby move around in there and I love knowing that the bigger I get means he is growing and is strong and healthy but......  just saw a picture of my ex sister-in-law, she is 3 weeks less then me and hardly a bump!!  I saw her picture and looked down at my own bump...well bump doesn't even really describe it anymore more like...mountain! and shuttered!! 
 But only three more months to go!! THREE more months!!!!! Ahhhhh! Three more months till I have 4 children!!!  Three more months till I have 4 BOYS!!!! OK feel better about the bump now he can stay and grow...for now ;)


  1. Aww I miss being pregnant! Thanks for the post! I can live through you!

  2. So excited for you, congrats! I have 2 weeks until we welcome home boy #3 here, it's going to be a great year! :) :) Thanks for linking up with the Canucks Rock: All Canadian Link Up! Look forward to hearing about the rest of your pregnancy!


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