Monday, 11 February 2013

We Love Canadian Beef!!

Canadian Beef     AND    Safeway - Ingredients for Life

I recently had the opportunity to "meat" up with meat merchandiser Jeff from Canada Safeway thanks to Canadian Beef and had the chance to get some great information on the beef products that are sold in Canada Safeway's.

I was surprised but happy to learn that the beef sold at Safeway is 100% Canadian (unless there is a shortage which doesn't happen often) Canada Safeway strives to support our farmers and our Good ole Canadian Beef!  And of course Jeff thinks Canadian Beef is the "best in the world"!  When asked what his favorite cut of beef was he was quick to say a good Top sirloin roast!  

I learned that the meat counter with your friendly neighborhood butcher serves up AAA quality Beef with a minimum 14 days age and the regular Beef section in minimum AA Canadian Beef also aged for minimum 14 days! Also I was surprised to learn that the Beef sales in Safeway's flyers are planned between 6 to 8 weeks in advance which made me guess that what consumers what at certain times of the year is fairly predictable.  Of course we want Barbecuing cuts in the summer and roasts in the winter but then there is always Calgary lol where we crazy Calgarian's will BBQ anytime if we get the lucky Chinook rolling in!  Gotta love t shirts and BBQ in the middle of January!!!  Yum Steak!!  Now I've got my preggo self craving BBQ! ;)

My most interesting discovery was that the majority of Safeway's Beef products are cut and packaged on site.  This means the ground beef is ground right in store from some of the best cuts used!  Also the ground beef is stocked fresh on the shelf 2-3 times daily!  With the ability to keep their products so fresh Jeff was eager to put down my question of weather food coloring are ever used to make beef look fresher. Absolutely NOT!!!  He explained that the color differences between the inside and outside of the packages of ground beef for example is all based on oxidation and temperature of the product.  I always wondered about that! :)

I was also interested to learn that Safeway now carries hormone free beef under the name Open Natural.  It is in vacuum sealed packages in it's own section and is a great option for those consumers worried about what they are eating!  Safeway also uses the new vacuum sealed packages to be able to offer consumers products that are not top sellers.  As they are able to be packaged offsite and stay fresh longer!  The vacuum sealed packages also have the added bonus of being freezer ready!

I also asked Jeff what are the best beef choices for the budget conscious family and was very happy to have the reply of check your flyers!!  Sometimes you can get great cuts of meat for better prices then the lower cuts because they are on sale so buy your beef based on whats available at a good price and your sure to get a deal and a yummy meal!

I loved having the chance to get to know a meat merchandiser and become friendly with my local behind the counter guys!  It is great knowing that all you need to do is ask and they will try to get you the cut or selection that you are looking for and even are able to special order in things for you.

We are a beef loving family and with soon to be 4 boys living in my house I can only see the love for good old Canadian Beef growing! And with our local Canada Safeway offering such great choices and personal support I know where i'll be shopping!
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~ All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by the company. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider. This is a sponsored post.

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