Thursday 17 October 2013

Gro-Clock Review

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My boys are early risers and by early I mean I am lucky to get to 7 am without one of them up or joining me in my bed. This is a rain or shine, winter or summer early or late to does not matter!!! I have tried letting the boys stay up late to try and squeeze out an extra minutes for me in the morning but it is always a BIG NO GO!  Good thing I am a morning person lol.  
Now with DS1 starting school I really want to encourage him to get a proper amount of sleep and encourage him and the other boys to stay in their beds till a set time. This is why I started looking around and was excited to discover the Gro-Clock.  Note this is not a Mommy attempt to gain extra sleep time...although it is tempting and I can't say it hasn't crossed my mind lol.  

The Gro-Clock is a little round faced clock that shows a sun on a bright yellow background when it is daytime and time to be awake and a star on a blue background at night when it is time to sleep.  You are able to program it like a typical alarm clock and have the ability to have the digital time showing as well. It also shows little stars around the edge that count down and disappear as it gets closer to wake up time.   It comes with a sweet little book that tells how it works and my boys loved it!  We now have a routine of reading our stories  then setting their clock.  It is too cute as they will say goodnight sunshine as the sun fades away from daytime to the nighttime star :) I LOVE that the Gro-Clock also doubles and a nightlight!! and during the day the yellow sun only stays lit up for an hour before it turns off so you are not wasting extra electricity during the day.

We have set the clock at our house for 7 am so the big boys now know that if they wake up and see the Star they are to stay in their bed and get some more sleep and if they wake to the sun they can get up and come get momma.  We have been using the Gro-Clock for a while now and I am happy to say it is working GREAT for us!  If you have an early or even a late riser be sure to check out the Gro-Clock available from Oyaco and Retailers near you :)

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