Sunday 20 October 2013

Halloween is for Dads too

As you can imagine with having four boys my house is often full of superheroes and costumes and at Halloween time we can pretty much leave the regular clothes in the drawer because the costumes are really all they wear.  This Halloween I will be having three Spider-Man and a tiny superman.  I can't wait! But...wait..there is one more man in this house and it's Dad! 
We can't forget about him this Halloween...but getting him to dress up in costume is another story...what can we do...well of course there was last year when he dressed up as..wait for it...a construction worker...everyone asked if he just got off work....ha...

Why find him a shirt costume of course! I was checking out the costume sites and found the perfect costume for Dad.  This:
So easy with the costume being just the shirt and mask and Dad can just wear it with his regular pants(the tights on most costumes was an issue lol). Now without making him feel to out there or dressed up Dad can be included in all the fun and the boys have a Super hero for a Dad! Yea! 

Find this costume and more at Anytime Costumes

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