Friday 25 October 2013

Little People, Big imanganation #FPLittlePeople


As my boys grown I am more and more impressed and surprised by where their imagination takes them.  I have four boys so we are all about super hero's and bad guys lately and I just love when they take their ideas and run off playing.  And if they do it together that is super great!!! My DS2 is my big imagination guy,  lately he has his super hero characters who he will take and play out who situations,  cap (aka Captain America) will come and knock over the wall of blocks just in time to save the day!  Just today my oldest was including the others to help him decorate the house...apparently it is Christmas already and the chairs are all tree's that need decoration.  We have toys hanging all over the house!  Now if only I can get the to play the feed the Dino(aka toy box) game again..

My boys have spent many a day playing with little people play sets just as I used to.I remember loading my little people on their bus and taking off to school and now my boys are loading up their tractor and taking the animals to the barn :)  But little people have changed since I was a kid!  Now they are adding in some great new characters that have personality and their own characteristics.  It is neat to see the boys getting to "know" these new toys as they think about each one and what they might like.
The New Little People
Mia, Eddie, Tessa, Koby, and Sofie
I LOVE that you can go to Little People and meet the characters!  With   My DS2 is defiantly an Eddie!! On the go with lots of energy!!  Each character has his or her own little personality that you can share with your child (my boys LOVE anything that lets them see something they own on Mommy's computer!!)
I am sure the new Little People will be a huge hit much like their predecessors!
Check out this fun Contest to meet the new characters and get a chance to win a Little People prize!

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