Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mommy can get her Favourite foods again with!!!

JUST-EAT Canada - Order Food Delivery Online

My biggest want that I NEVER get since having children is being able to eat out at my  favourite places and get the kind of food that I LOVE!!  I was introduced to Vietnamese food back in my working days and grew to LOVE it and it fast became my favourite food to eat out. Now with four boys and a peanut allergy at home Vietnamese food has become a far off dream for me.  You see I am often stuck at home and I have never once found a Vietnamese restaurant that delivers! I was also wary about trying new places because my favourite was sooo good.

Then I discovered a new website that is available to Canadians called And I got a glimmer of hope... I looked at their site and was surprised to find that there was a Vietnamese restaurant available that would DELIVER to my area!I know I was amazed too!

What is  Well it is a website that offers food delivery from restaurants that typically only offer dine-in and take-out!  You simply input your postal code and all your available options come up for you to choose from.  You select the restaurant and you have the whole menu to choose from.  Choose your items and the food will be delivered to you!  Yep you read that right, now you can get delivery from take-out only restaurants!
I decided to give it a try and ordered from the Vietnamese restaurant in my area called Mai Linh.  The ordering process was super easy and you can set up an account for easy ordering.  I chose my items, picked the delivery option and chose a time and about 35 minutes later a nice gentleman arrived at my door with some delicious food!!  Do make sure to check the opening times of your favourite restaurants.  I even got to experience the great customer service from as I placed my order a few minutes past the time that the restaurant was accepting orders(make sure you order at least 1/2 hour before the restaurants closing time) and simply pushed on the chat button to start a conversation.  Customer service answered right away and explained why it wouldn't let me place the order then before I even had time to respond with disappointment they had called up the restaurant and told me to go ahead and place my order.  This made me a Very Happy Customer!! 

Now you may be wondering about the food.....well....I am now kicking myself in the butt for having lived in this neighborhood for over 5 years and having never tried Mai Linh!  The food looked and smelled amazing as soon as it arrived and the presentation even in Styrofoam packaging was great!  My husband commented on how fresh everything looks and was VERY happy when he tasted to find that everything was as fresh and delicious as it looked!!  We tried the pork Bun, Beef Saute soup with added steamed vegetables, and both Spring and Salad rolls. We had absolutely no complaints about ANYTHING and will definitely DEFINITELY be ordering again with! YUMMY!!

Find out if is available in your area!!
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  1. OMG this is amazing! I hear ya! those days of dining in an awesome restaurant are over for us with three little boys! this is a dream come true!

  2. It's great when you can find specialized website directories like that, especially for stuff in your own neighborhood. Yay for food!

  3. What an amazing service! Perfect for when you're visiting a new town.

  4. I am always looking to try new foods, or at least new to me food. This looks like something I would enjoy

  5. Wow...two things I have never tried. Vietnamese food and I have heard of the website before but never knew anyone who had tried it out. You may have just convinced me to give it (and Vietnamese food) a try.

  6. That food looks amazing! I have noticed adds for this site but hadn't tried it yet, now I think I will


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