Monday 25 November 2013

Change your home with the Virtual Remodeler at Royal Building Products

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you a home owner with dreams of changing the look of your house but don't want to take the big leap because your just not sure how it will all look in the end?  Perhaps you want to change your window casings, shutters,even siding or roof  but don't know if a particular style or color will fit with the structure of your house.. This is no small undertaking or small cost so it is a huge and very hard choice!!

Well now there is a really neat tool on the Royal Building Products website that lets you upload a picture of your own house and then virtually change the windows, shutters, even choose different sidings and colors of paint.   You can also change the roof shingles!!   It really is the perfect way of seeing how a different aspect can change the whole look of your house!

I tried out the virtual remodeler tool with one of houses that they had to choose from and was surprised at what a change of siding and color could make to a house. A lighter color or Bolder choice can really make a huge difference!!  There are also many different styles of Vinyl Windows Systems and even shutters to try out and you are able to change everything so that you can get the perfect look for you and your house!  

If you are going to remodel or are just starting to think about it for the spring I think you should check out the Virtual Remodeler tool at Royal Building Products!

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