Friday 22 November 2013

12 Days of Crunchy Giveaway

On the 9th Day of Crunchy, Spray Pal and The Inquisitive Mom Gave Away...

Prize 17 (US and Canada) (Twitter Party Prize) 
Spray Pal Prize Pack Includes a Spray Pal, Diaper Dawg, and Happy Green Life Samples

I'm joining Spray Pal and The Inquisitive Mom November 14th through the 25th for the 12 Days of Crunchy Event (Enter and RSVP for the twitter part using this link)! Each day leading up to the twitter party, a new blogger will share the details of that day's prize and reveal a new entry for the day.

I'm excited to share today's prize, which includes a Spray Pal Prize Package. Be sure to enter to win and RSVP here for the #12CrunchyDays Twitter Party! You can also grab daily entries here by filling out the entry form below.

Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer Splatter Shield

The Spray Pal was invented by two cloth diapering parents who didn’t really mind baby poop, it was the horrible splatter caused by the sprayer that made them think there had to be a better way. After their first attempt at spraying off a cloth diaper when their oldest started solids, Mrs. Spray Pal researched online to see how others managed to spray without a huge mess to clean up after. In her research, she noticed that many other cloth diapering parents had dealt with the same issue, and there wasn’t really an option out there that would 1) stop the splatter and 2) store easily and compactly in their small bathroom. 

While Mrs. Spray Pal was online researching, Mr. Spray Pal was using his MacGyver-esque skills to create something that would solve the splatter backsplash problem. That’s when the first prototype of the Spray Pal was born. Mrs. Spray Pal thought it was genius, and they put their heads together to refine the design to make it super compact, light weight, easy to use, helpful, and best of all, made right here locally in the USA of BPA, PVC, and phthalate free polyethylene from over 50% post consumer recycled materials. 

Now this patent pending device has become a cloth diapering “must have” for many parents
because it: 
 - Allows you to spray your diapers clean at full pressure without worrying about a mess to clean up after. 
- Folds flat and compact for easy storage right in your bathroom, no matter how small. - Is easy to clean up after each use.
- Helps get cloth diapers really clean before you wash them so they are less likely to stain or build up stink issues.

It’s also nice to know that when you buy a Spray Pal you are supporting a small, family run business. When Spray Pal was just starting out, the Spray Pal family found out they were expecting their second mini Spray Pal. Due to a very rare pregnancy complication, he was born much too soon at only 25 weeks and spent 7 months in the NICU. The proceeds from this small business go directly to help pay for Mini Spray Pal 2.0’s continued medical expenses, and the Spray Pal family is eternally grateful for the support.

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