Sunday 21 September 2014

More then car seats, Diono protects all!

When I hear the name Diono I think excellent quality car seats but I was surprised to learn that Diono also carries many other products to keep your baby safe and comfortable!

I was happy to receive a few products routes out and tell you about starting with the Little Tikes low back booster seat which is perfect for DS1 who is quite tall and is already nearing the top of he high back booster we have for him. The ....low back booster comes in two colors and we were sent the red.  I love how compact it is, as it fits nicely on the seat with car seats.  My favorite part is the cover which encompnices the seat, we have others where the cover just sits on top with electrics and now ends up bunched up under the kids bum instead of on the seat.

I was also sent the stroller fan which is great for clipping onto an infant car seat or stroller on hot days and I Loved it for a recent trip to the zoo!  The air flow is quite gental so it is perfect for little ones and the fan has very small openings so no worries about little fingers getting hurt or stuck.
The window shade is another favorite.  I love that they stick onto the window rather then suction and roll.  We have had the other kinds before and if the kids aren't playing with them making them spin up Then the silly things were falling off the windows and never seemed to stay where they were put!  And who the heck wants to continually lick the silly suction cups in the hope they will stay on lol.
Another great product is the Seat belt pillow  DS1 is notorious for falling asleep every single time we get in the car, usually before we get to the main road!  And he is always hunched over and very uncomfortable looking.  There has been many times that I have had to hope out at a light to re adjust him!  So I was super excited for him to try out the seat belt pillow.  It is a little calendar pillow that velcros onto the shoulder strap of the seat belt and it works perfectly to keep him in a good position and comfortable!
We also got to try the Easy View which is perfect for seeing baby in a rear facing car seat. I love that it is nice and big making for easy viewing and baby loves it for entertainment while on the road.  

Diono is defiantly more then car seats with many great and needed products that make parents and children more comfortable!  Check out all the great products on the Diono Website, And don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for all the great new products available.

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