Monday 6 October 2014

Win a BumGenius Jules!!!


For the last year, the bumGenius print Jules has been the diaper to have. They're selling for three times their retail price (or more!) on cloth diaper groups. A lot of cloth diapering moms say that a bumGenius 4.0 Jules is their unicorn diaper... but the price tag is too high for them. 

  Cozy Bums Diapers is giving bumGenius 4.0 Jules fans a chance to win a brand new Jules for their very own! 

  About Cozy Bums: Cozy Bums Diapers is your Canadian source for modern cloth diapers. This cloth diaper shop has been your one stop shop for all of your cloth diapering needs since 2007. Now Cozy Bums is happy to offer this diaper from their cloth diaper vault! If you're in Canada, you can enter to win! 

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