Friday 27 February 2015

Tax time is easy with H&R Block

February is coming to a close and that dreaded time is upon us again...Tax Time...every year we wonder if we should just do them ourselves or take them to our regular H&R Block and I am happy that the latter always wins lol. 
 I am too nervous bout missing something and this year with all the changes to the family tax I didn't want to miss out on a benefit that our family with five children can really benefit from.
My husband and I packed up the kids and headed into our local branch, eager to get it over with lol. (With five young ones we take the tag team approach where hubby goes in first and gets the ground work done , then I head in to do my part while he entertains the drive circles around the parking lot lol) .  Now after it is over I am happy to report that although not as fast as I would have liked it was very easy and with pleasant staff made for a relaxing experience.  

H&R Block offers tax help on many levels, our families is relatively simple and we like that they offer the cash back feature!! For cash back they offer both a cheque and a visa perpid card.  The visa is great if you just want to spend your tax return at stores or online as there are no fees for the first month, but I would recommend that if you are getting a larger amout back to request a cheque rather then the prepaid card as we found that we would rather the lump sum then the ability to use a visa card.  We also wanted the cash in hand to put in the bank which is a bit trickier and not as cost effective with the card.

H&R Block offers easy tax help for everyone and we will be using them again!

Find a location near you HERE

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