Thursday 19 March 2015

Get a healthy mouth with the Listerine Challenge!

Is your mouth clean? I mean really clean? Well mine will be because I am taking part in the 2015 LISTERINE®Challenge! 

I brush my teeth and floss everyday of course but have to admit that with five little ones twice a day usually doesn't happen.  I also like to rinse but find I often just forget or am trying to sneak in my brushing between kids needs and just don't get to the rinsing stage.  I have a ton of dental issues after having my kids.  I think they stripped the calcium right out of my teeth and now I have cavities and very fragile teeth.  So I know that now I need to take the extra steps to keep my teeth and gums strong and healthy.
  While brushing and flossing are always important rinsing is often missed and is very important to maintain a healthy mouth? Did you know that bleeding gums are not actually cause by brushing too hard!  I didn't! Bleeding gums are actually a sign of early gum disease!  Wow I know right!  Luckily rinsing with LISTERINE® can reverse this and bring back your healthy mouth! LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE® kills 99.9% of germs that cause early gum disease

So I am teaming up with many others to rinse with LISTERINE® everyday for 14 days to prevent and reversethe early stages of gum disease* and you can too!  Not only can you participate and get a healthier can have the chance to win $20,000 ‡!!!! 
 I am excited!  So join up and take the challenge yourself, and let me know how clean your mouth is!  Join the challenge HERE! 

The LISTERINE® challenge is open to Canadian residents and runs from January 27 till July 15, 2015.

this post was generously sponsored by Johnson’s and Johnson’s Inc., the makers of LISTERINE® the opinions and thoughts are my own.

* With twice daily brushing. Consult with your dentist if gingivitis symptoms persist or worsen. Always read and follow label.
No purchase necessary, please see full contest rules and regulations for details.

If you have any comments, concerns or questions about LISTERINE®, please click here  to contact Johnson & Johnson Inc.

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