Thursday 16 April 2015

Drive safe and more with the Jabra Storm

I like to take the kids out sometimes but always feel tempted to answer if my cell phone rings, cause it's always daddy calling.. I don't answer though as I know it is a big no no. :-) 
 I was super excited to be able to try out the new Bluetooth headset from Jabra called the Jabra Storm as it means I can drive safely and still chat if I need too.
Another thing I can do with the Jabra Storm...mop, dance, clean a poopy bum...the list goes on and on!  Being a mom to five means I need my hands free for children all the time.  Having the Jabra Stormmhas enabled me to still have a social life being able to chat with other moms and friends while still being able to get done all the things that a mom needs to do.   

Do I use the Jabra Storm in the car....I Sure do but I take it even further and use it in my home life as well. And with great battery life of 15 hours I have plenty of time to connect with the world!  The Jabra Storm charges through a USB port and takes about four hours to get fully charged.  It has hours of stand by time and.  Hours of use before needing to be recharged. 

One of the reasons I've never got a Bluetooth before is that they seem so square and annoying to have on/in your ear. The Jabra Storm however fits so nicely and is lightweight.  I actually hardly notice it when. Am wearing it and have been told by others that they dont even notice that I'm on a headset.  The reception is very clean and has a good range.  

I really love the Jabra Storm and think you will too.  Check them out at on Facebook and Twitter.

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