Wednesday 29 April 2015

Learn to Read with Reading Eggs

We have been doing Homeschooling with our oldest this year and it being our first year I have been struggling.  My main goal for the year was to work on reading skills and I really wanted my son to do well. He is so eager to read and wanted to read to his siblings so I had high expectations which I am sad to say we're not as easy to achieve as I anticipated.

I was looking for different programs that we could try to make reading more fun and perhaps help more then book work and mommy could, but I was coming up empty handed.  I found a few programs but not many let you try it out long enough to know if it was the program for you before you bought it.  Hen I found Reading Eggs and a special code that offered a whole two weeks for free!
  I was excited to give it a try and DS1 was super excited to be allowed to use mom's computer and tablet to "play" his special game!  
Reading Eggs is a program for beginning readers approximately ages 4-8 and offers Games, rewards, songs and more all to encourage all levels of readers to grow.   There are 120 lessons spread out into maps that your child can go through with each lesson learning a different letter, sound or  sight word or concept.  Parents can also track their child's progress on the easy to use dashboard.

We tried Reading Eggs out and I can honestly say that I absolutely LOVE the program! DS1 can play and doesn't even realize that he is learning!  Now after we have tried it for a bit he realizes that it is learning but with how Reading Eggs is laid out I can easily encourage him by saying to just complete the level or see if he can get to the next map.  
He feels like he is accomplishing something and has fun while he does it.
Another part of Reading Eggs that I really love is the library section where you can pick a book by topic (funny, adventure,..) and practice reading books.  I love that the words are repetitive although a bit silly, and my son was really able to work on reading them and feel great when he was able to get to the end of the book reading it all by himeself.

I LOVE Reading Eggs and am very happy to share it with my readers, friends and family! 

If you sign up with my link you too can get a whole two weeks to try Reading Eggs out with your children.

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