Tuesday 21 April 2015

Make Mom Smile with a Living Locket from South Hill Designs

I LOVE family jewelry but with five children I find that the things I like don't have the spaces for all my children or are not in my price range.  That was until I found Kelli with South Hill Designs! 

 I was so excited when Kelli agreed to do a review with me because I really love the idea of the living locket and have seen them in pictures but never in real life and the pictures never had someone wearing the locket.  I kind of thought they might be quite large and defiantly not everyday wear, I'm am so excited to show you mine though and let you know that they defiantly are everyday wear and are so so perfect to showcase the loves in your life!
My locket is the Rose gold large circle locket. Kelli included birthstone charms for each of my children, a family plate as that's what is most important to me and the everlasting love charm to symbolize hubby and me.  A living locket that contains all my loves!
There are so many styles of locket, chain, plates and charms to choose from you are sure to find ones that are perfect for you.  I spent hours choosing the ones that I loved most and absolutely loved that you can choose and add to your locket right on the computer with the Locket Designer   You get to see exactly what your locket will look like before you buy.  It is a great feature which made me much more confident in my choices. 
The lockets are made from highly polished jewelry grade stainless steel and will not tarnish. The golds are dipped in 14K gold. They are hypoallergenic. The birthstone crystals are real Swarovski crystals. All lockets come with an included 16-18" adjustable chain which can be upgraded to different styles.

Another thing that I was a little worried about was how the locket stays closed...with five small children I wanted to make sure it is secure and none of my precious charms would fall out.  The locket closes with a very strong magnet.  I had to actually pry it open with my fingers and it is not obvious so unless someone little sees you open it they will not know and probably can't get it open anyway.  Trust me I made sure it was secure with baby girl always grabbing at it while feeding.
The living locket from South Hill Designs are truly a wonderful way of showcasing all the important things in your life weather they be family, hobbies, your pets....there are so many different charms to choose from and they come in gold, silver and rose gold.

If your looking for a Mothers Day gift this year look no further the a living locket!  They are truly the perfect gift for a mom or even a grandma!

Check out South Hill Designs Website, and Facebook for more information and to order yours today!

And...if you mention my review Kelli has offered a FREE charm for your locket!

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