Sunday 31 May 2015

Decorating is easy with Minted

We moved into our new house last September and with five kids things get done slowly but I am now at the point of looking for decoration pieces to add to give our home a little style and character.  I am not a go to art stores person though and admit I don't even know where to go to find prints and framed pictures for our walls.  I am however an online person who loves to find just what I'm looking for with the options I want, all while in the comfort of my own home..usually in my pajamas..

I recently found a website called and was pleased to find some beautiful prints that I absolutely love and fit my personality perfectly! Not only are there many different prints to choose from there are also many options for size from 7"x5" to  60"x44" and even having your print framed with different styles no colors of frames.
My style is very nature and water based and Minted has some amazing options that I love but if your interested in something different be sure to check them out as there are some great choices and colours that are sure to please.

Check out this
And this one, so beautiful!
And for something a little different I thought this one was neat!
Minted also offers stationary, personalized greeting cards, business cards and so much more!  There is sure to be something for everyone!
Check out Minted and be sure to find them on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest as well.
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