Tuesday 23 June 2015

I did the Stayfree Challange, and the results are in!

I always saw those pad commercials with the liquid being poured on them and thought they were neat but I'd love to try it at home so I was kinda excited when I was contacted to do the Stayfree Challenge! (Yes I was excited to test out pads...I'm a curious girl ...give me a break lol)  

Now you may be asking yourself what is this Challenge I speak of...
well it is a perfect side by side test that shows the absorbency of Stayfree pads versus two other top selling pads.  You set them up pour the liquid and see the results...
but that is not fun soooo I made a little video to show you the test and the results!  Check it out, you may be surprised by the results, I know I was!

Find more information about Stayfree products on the Website!

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