Friday 28 August 2015

Where, oh where will we go with this chair? #BTSReady

The school year will be starting soon and this year I will have a big Grade two and a sweet kindergartener.  I am already sad to think that they will be off doing their own things but so excited for the learning and fun that is in store for them.
Our office chair is going to be put to the test soon with homework and learning and more then likely a good bit of boys love spinning lol! 
 Our chair is sure to see some frustration and hopefuly many successes. Our chair will see mommy working to add to our home and Daddy starting a new company.  With a new Five Star binder, some sharp pencils and our great new Staples Bilford Office Chair we will be ready to take on any task
But my biggest hope is that our chair sees a big boy learning to read and knowing the adventure it brings and a little boy starting out in the big world and loving every minute of it! 
And as we spin through this crazy wonderful life our chair will see it all!

What Will You Do In Your Chair? 
A lot can happen in a child’s chair in one year: an inspiring idea, an A+ paper, even a fridge-worthy masterpiece. 
Staples wants to hear your Chair story, tell us below....

And find Staples on their WebsiteFacebook, and Twitter for all your back to school needs!

Thanks to Staples for providing our new chair of adventure and learning :) 

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