Thursday 3 September 2015

Getting back in the School Groove with Netflix #StreamTeam

It's that time of year again, the kids are all gearing up to meet new teachers and see old and new friends and moms and dads everywhere are counting down the minutes..some a little sad and some happy for the new adventure...
As the school year comes closer I really like to find ways to encourage learning and getting ready for the year and I try to sneak it in whenever I can.  Here in Calgary the weather has been warm But with all the sake I. The air from the fires south of the border we have been stuck up inside the house and trying to find ways to fill the day.  This is the perfect opportunity to find some educational shows on Netflix and sneak that learning in!
We have been checking out many great shows and love the boys, especially DS2, are really starting to enjoy the real learning educational shows like Walking with Dinosaurs and Planet Earth and the little boys love Animal Mechanicals and Color Crew!

And for some great fun and learning about friends the boys were thrilled to watch DinoTrux   They were so excited for the premier!  They love the show and I love that it is a great show for the older boys as well as the younger.  My older boys are getting to the age where they are too old for the little kid shoes but not quite big enough for big kid shows. This is perfect for them!

Happy Back to School from Mommyknowz and the Netflix #StreamTeam!

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