Monday, 26 October 2015

Fun on the go with the VTech Kidizome Action Cam

Our oldest boy is at the age now of being on the go, he is always wanting to be out on his bike, the trampoline, his scooter and now he wants a skateboard! And not only is he active on these he is starting to get tricky and giving mommy a anxiety while he's at it.  He just received the VTech Kidizoom Action cam and I have to say it is so fun!
The Kidizoom Action Cam is a great new toy from VTech. It is a camera/video camera that can be mounted onto a bike, skateboard, helmet....and takes video while your on the go.   It comes preloaded with four fun games and has he ability to play with your pictures and videos by adding fun backgrounds and effects.  
My favourite part thought is that it comes a waterproof case so it can take pictures and video underwater!  I can see some very fun bath times and summer fun coming up! It also comes with two different mounts, one for mounting on your bike and another sticky tab mount that can be stuck wherever you want.
Our oldest is seven which is a great age for it as the recommended age range is from four to nine.  He really enjoys playing the four included games and Loves to watch the videos after he bike rides or jumps with the camera! We attached one mount to his bike helmet and we're happy that the mount is just a small strip that the larger case and adjustment slips into.  

The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam is sure to make any child happy this year and comes in both the yellow/black version and a pink version.  Check out VTech for this and many other fantastic toys for all ages!

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