Monday, 23 November 2015

Having babies and breastfeeding with Fairhaven Health

As you all can probably guess if you have read my blog at all we have five kids and don't have any issues in the fertility department, although it could be argued by some that our problem is being able to make such adorable babies so easily..but what can I say, we like em and their cute lol.

This is why I really wanted to look into my fertility and start to monitor my cycle.  I found Fairhaven health and was very excited when they offered to send me some products to try.
I tried out the ovulation tests and pregnancy tests and found both easy to use. They are dip tests and are as simple as they sound. Easy small and inexpensive makes the Fairhaven tests a great option for all families!

I also tried the Fertile Focus and must admit that I was a bit of a sceptic .  
The basis behind the Fertile Focus is that when you are ovulating you have more sugar molecules in your saliva so you put a bit of Silvia on the glass and after it dries you push the little light and you are able to see a magnetized view of your saliva.  If you are ovulation you will see ferning and if you are not you won't.
  It took me a few cycles to really have success with his method but once I figured out the good a,punt of similar and what to look for it is actually quite amazing.  As long as you do it before having any food or drink in the morining you can get an accurate result and I was honestly surprised by how easy it is and it is really neat!now not only do I not need to use ovulation tests and thus do not have to spend money on them! Perfect!
I was also sent some great products to try out as I am still breastfeeding our youngest.
I tried Millie's milk savers and so wish that I had these when the babies were first born!  The simply sit in your bra and collect the Breast milk the always leaks while you are feeding from the other side.  I shudder to think of how much was wasted! 
I also tried the fenugreek tablets and Nursering Tea. They increase your milk flow, and really do seem to work! I never had a problem producing when they were babies but find as my kids get older they go through stages where they want a bit more then I'm used to making, usually when teething starts and their gums are bugging them. So these where great to get a bit extra when baby wants it.
If you are looking for fertility products, nurseling or even family planning like me look no further then 
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