Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Zazen Bear: An Oasis of Peace in Manhattan

Life can be hectic, chaotic and always on the go on a good day and even more so in busy New York City but now you can add a little peace and zen to your day at the Zazen Bear a unique concept retail store at 497 Broome Street New York.

The Zazen Bear offers a carefully crafted array of products including everything from jewelry to home furnishings spread over two floors and 2,400sq. Ft.  It is filled with a live plant vertical garden, an open staircase and consists of three circular rooms that surround your senses with a harmonious and relaxing tranquility. 
The Theme of the store is based on everybody and everything being connected and drawing energy from each other. Their use of precious metals such as diamonds, sapphires, gold and silver in the jewelry were designed to represent he connection between the mind and the universe.

You can also find home decor objects meant to make your home a calm and relaxing space. These include aromatherapy candles made with essential oils and 100% organic soy wax in a ceramic container eat urging the Zazen Bear pattern that a changing light pattern. Also the Zazen Ceramic bear and key rings remind you to stop and breathe 

With calming scents, textures and visuals you are sure to find peace amid the Kais and can take a moment to enjoy some yoga and meditation on the lower level. To further connect the elements of the space, Italian architect, Pierpaolo Martiradonna, has selected all natural materials for the interiors: Pietra di Vals for the main floor, natural oil finished white oak for the yoga studio floor, hand painted white oak for all the custom millwork elements (including the curved walls) and 3 types of plants for the vertical garden that require minimum light exposure to survive but act as air filter purifying the entire store.

To visit Zazen Bear: 

497 Broome Street - New York, NY

This is a sponsored post however the thoughts are my own

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