Monday, 7 December 2015

Give the gift of Canvas with. #GiftGuide

I like to find that special present for people on my list and with my husband it is usually something that involves the kids.  I have been known to make him photo travel mugs numerous times (we have three now), photos and paintings..
But this year I had the kids pictures taken by a great friend and Photographer Photography by Lisa Pearl and just had to find the best way to showcase her amazing pictures! I had always wanted to get a canvas print and I thought now was the perfect time! 
I have always been curious about Canvas prints but a little unsure of if we would like them, but with the beautiful picture of my children begging to go on a wall I knew now was the time to check a canvas print out.

I contacted Canvas Pop and was so excited when they agreed to do a review with me!
 The process was super easy! I just submitted the picture that I wanted put on canvas and was sent a email with a link to view my proof and approve it before they got to work.  I approved and was emailed the notice that my print was finished and shipped with a few days! It was really super fast and easy!  

And the results left me speechless! 
It is just beautiful and I can't wait to give this beautiful print to my husband for Christmas! 

Isn't it just perfect?! I am so in love!

I love that it is stamped on the back with personally handcrafted by, it really makes me feel that someone took the time and effort to make sure that my picture was perfect.  But if for some reason it wasn't Canvas Pop offers a satisfaction guarantee so you will end up happy with your print!

Create your perfect Canvas print at Canvas Pop  and find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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