Wednesday 2 December 2015

Little Mommy? Get her the Baby Alive Snackin' Sara

When I was a little girl there was nothing I loved more then pretending to be a little momma with my baby dolls.
And the ones I loved the most were the ones that I could really mother.  I loved changing my dolls diapers and clothes, combing their hair, but best of all I loved feeding them.  My all time favourite doll was a baby that had an open mouth that would "eat" the liquid food and then make a dirty diaper.. My mom however didn't love that doll as I always needed more food and new diapers. 
Well Hasbro has continued the wonderful tradition of the Baby Alive dolls with the new Snackin Sard.  Not only does Sara eat food and soil diapers.  She can also talk to your child to say she is hungry.  Little girls even get to take maki baby food one step further by using Saras reusable food compound to scalp and form different treats and goodies for stars to eat.
Snackin' Sara comes with an outfit, two diapers, 2 containers of reuseable food compound(with no expiry date), rolling pin, food 3 shaping tools, a plate,and a pretend juice box. All this for hours of fun for any little girl.  Baby Alive Snackin' Sara is recommended for age 3 and up, and I agree as I know many little mothers right at that age.
You can also buy extra packs of Food for Snackin'Sara with different shaping tools and colours.

Baby Alive Snackin'Sara comes in three different doll and dress choices and your sure to find the perfect one for your little mommy!

Find the Baby Alive Snackin' Sara dolls at many local retainers and online at

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