Thursday 31 December 2015

New Years Eve Early with Netflix #StreamTeam

We've done the baking, the presents, the tree and now....New Year's Eve is a few days away and my kids are already getting excited.
They love to stay up late, wear their little hard and blow the little horns to ring in the new year.  Plus they usually get a special night with treats and pop (which is a very special treat at our house) 

However they never make it till midnight... We have tried to let them stay up but they always end up falling asleep before and missing it or we wake them up and they don't get it anyway. 

 Until last year when we found that Netflix offers a fun New Years countdown that parents can turn on whenever the time suits them and your kids get to do the countdown and celebration and still get to bed at a reasonable time. It is the perfect for the kids and the parents.  Everyone gets the gun kids party and mommy doesn't have tired grumpy kids for New Years Day.
Just type in New Years on the search menu on Netflix and there are five great options this year. I check already and they are good to go! This year you can watch the countdown with King Julius, Care Bears &Cousins, Puffin Rock, Inspecter Gadget, Peabody and Sherman or Project MC. 
So Happy New matter what time you celebrate!

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