Wednesday 29 June 2016

Three Items No Makeup Bag Should Be Without

Everyone wants to look their best. Let's be clear what we mean by that, though. It doesn't mean that we all judge by appearances, or feel of less value if we're not magazine-cover perfect. Nor that we all take a selfie and then get on Photoshop to airbrush out anything that could even be mistaken for a blemish. Simply, it means that you want to present the best version of yourself to the world.

For many of us, the clothes we wear, how our hair is styled and what's on our face are our armor against the world. Study after study shows that airbrushed models and ad campaigns have an effect on people's self-esteem. People's words may not hurt as much as actual sticks and stones, but they have an impact. And until unpleasant people grow up and stop being cruel, it helps to have some defensive equipment to hand.
You don't need to absolutely coat your face in makeup to look great. In fact, the maxim of quality above quantity is a particularly good one to live by here. There are some things that you should not be without when you pack your makeup bag.
1. Vaseline
Yes, Vaseline. One of those things that can be found in any supermarket, any little convenience store. It has a great many uses, not least of which is as a highly versatile addition to any makeup bag. The application of a little bit of Vaseline - and "little" is key here - can lengthen eyelashes and keep unruly brows under control. As long as you're not slathering it on, it's completely invisible too.
2. Sponges
Having a good makeup brush - a few of different sizes would be wise - is worthwhile for applying some makeup. But while many use them for foundation, it's been shown that sponges give a more even application and a more natural look. Investing in a good beauty blender sponge will save you time and money; just remember to clean them after use!
3. Tinted Moisturiser
Your skin can dry out for any number of reasons: not getting enough water to drink, weather, diet and so on. Replenishing the skin's moisture is a necessity and this can be achieved with moisturiser. The main advantage to a tinted moisturiser is that it saves a lot of time and space in your bag. It's doing two jobs that you'd ordinarily need to set a lot of time aside for.
With the right things in your beauty bag, you can give your skin a healthy, fresh look. It will stand you in good stead to deal with whatever the world has to throw at you. Nothing is ever going to stop there being those days that you just want to stay in bed, of course. But by making sure that you're kitted out to give yourself a boost, they're easier to get past.
Remember: quality, not quantity. A bit of a natural glow compared to a mask that feels an inch thick. With the right things in your makeup bag you'll be ready for anything.

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