Wednesday 17 May 2017

NUK Brings a Whole New Spin to Bottle Feeding and Pumping #SimplyNatural

Having a newborn can be very stressful at the best of times.  You just want the best for your baby and sometimes the choices can be overwhelming to say the least.  My motto has always been Fed is Best! and however that happens is what is right for each family!!! 

For those moms who are wanting to pump and bottle feed the choices may seem to be endless and then you have to make your best choice and hope that baby agrees...this is not always the case for a breast fed baby trying to bottle feed.  Many brands have tried their best to come out with the perfect bottle and nipple to make the transition easier and more fluent and trust me I have tried them..but none before now have come out with one so close to what a breastfeeding Mom provides.

NUK has come out with a nipple that is the closest to mom that I have ever encountered ( If your a mom you know that the one hole nipple is...well not quite the same as what happens when you let down..think a shower head of milk coming from multiple places..) The NUK "Simply Natural" line of bottles are the closest to mom bottles I have seen and I am sure babies everywhere are going to LOVE them!  They have multiple nipple holes and provide a comfortable and natural feeding experience.  The nipple also has a similar shape to Mom and moves with baby for a continues latch.

NUK also came out with something the pumping moms are going to love in their new product Freemie Breastmilk collection cups!  These are perfect little cups that you can actually slide right into your bra and hook up to your pump to help provide easy and much more discreet pumping.  Just more large pump attachments with bottles attached hanging from you!  Yes folks this is a great invention!  Now I can comfortably pump without worrying about how it looks and can even do it without anyone knowing!  Huge Bonus to me!
Check out this great video from NUK

Find these and other Great NUK products at NUK website and on their Facebook Page

NUK Simply Natural and Freemie Collection Cups are available at Babies R Us and on-line at Amazon Canada.

This post is part of the and NUK Canada Simply Natural #SimplyNatural sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.

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