Sunday 20 August 2017

Tips to beat the Back to School rush with Sears Canada #GotItAtSears

Back to School time is almost here and if your like me ..especially this year with the baby so little still.. I am way behind on my Back to School shopping.  So now that the rush is on here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of the Back to School rush!

1. Go through your child's current clothing to find what fits and what doesn't and pass along the stuff that doesn't
2. Check sizes and write them down!!  this makes alone shopping or daddy happens to stop in at the store and wants to know what size shoes child x needs pronto!
3. Make a list of what they need vs what they want
4. Go shopping early if possible, beat the rush of the day for better selection and easier size finding.If it is all still folded and neat from the stores tidy up it is easier to find
5. Because it is last minute, get what you can and get the rest later.  It won't matter if little Suzy doesn't have new outfits for everyday or two pairs of shoes on the first day.  If last years fit wear them until you need new. It may even save you money to get them on sale after the rush!
 6. because if you are a family with many children like us Hand me downs and Thrift shopping are great options to keep you on budget and update the kids looks and drawers for the new year!
This year I found so many great options at  And the prices on the Sears private label of clothing especially was amazing! $3.99 for cute T-shirts!  Got to love that!
Check out these great looks for under $100 from top to bottom!

I found some awesome Canvas Cargo pants for the boys for $19.97, 
The T-shirts came is at an excellent $3.97!!!
The shoes were $45.49
and the Lunch box set was $17.99
For a grand total of $87.42 and two very Happy little boys!!!

Great deals for everything but I was VERY impressed by the Sears Private Label line, and I know coming from Sears the quality is awesome!

Sears made my Back to School shopping easy this year!

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