Wednesday 2 January 2019

Healthy Versions of Take Out Food

With the New Year now upon us, many people are fighting the urge of fast food in exchange for a
healthier alternative.  Indeed, many people will be considering the prospect of joining a gym and
looking for the best detox diets to cleanse their system and revitalise their health in the new year.

That said, the convenience and speed of fast food can remain tempting as a treat, particularly with the
proliferation of fast food restaurants that now deliver to our door, for instance if you were to look at a
Grubhub vs Doordash review you’ll see just how much people prize convenience and speed when it
comes to consuming their favourite takeaway food - and, actually, takeaway food doesn’t have to be

There are many restaurants that deliver that can prepare healthier alternatives, or include low calorie
meals on their main menu for those more mindful of their health.  In fact, even some pizzas can be
healthy today.  

That said, the vast majority of people would agree that the idea of home cooked meals with fresh
ingredients tends to present a more nourishing option than most takeout foods.  Therefore, in this
article we’re going to take a look at a few healthy alternatives to popular takeout meals.

The majority of fish and chips are deep fried in a layer of thick batter that traps the oil, or even beef
lard, all of which are high in saturated fats and can quickly lead to clogged arteries.  The healthier alter
native is to steam, bake or grill the fish, without batter, and to make homemade potato wedges that
simply require being chopped to size with a little extra virgin olive oil and seasoning.  Furthermore, by
adding a simple salad or fresh green peas, you will be getting one of your five a day.

Many chinese takeaway meals are deep fried or laden with incredible amounts of salt, though chinese
food, in itself doesn’t need to be unhealthy.  The process of stir frying locks in the nutrients of
vegetables and can be a very healthy way to cook - the trick is to focus more on creating layers of
taste through different herbs rather than synthetic sauces that use a lot of sugar and salt.


Perhaps, the ultimate in convenience food, the standard burger is known as one of the deadly sins
when it comes to dieting - yet, if you were to take the bread away and go heavy on the salad, along
with utilising a more lean cut of meat that doesn’t necessitate the fat required in most burgers; for
instance a chicken fillet burger or fish burger, you can have a very healthy meal.  The fries can be
replaced with potato wedges or boiled potatoes in order to reduce the “fry factor” and create a fast,
simple and healthy alternative to the famous fast food restaurants that dish out tons of greasy food
each month.

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