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7 Safe Sleeping Tips for Babies

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Child care involves keeping your baby safe even when they are sleeping. Keeping your baby safe when sleeping will help reduce the chance of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The most common known cause of SIDS is a baby sleeping in an unsafe environment. There are various practices that will help keep your baby safe when asleep, so you too can catch some sleep too. Here are some of the most important sleeping safety tips for babies.

Put the Baby to Sleep on their Back

This is the only safe sleeping position for babies. This position is important in ensuring that the baby’s airwaves are not blocked. Sleeping on their tummies or on their side could cause sleeping accidents such as suffocation. Always put your baby to sleep on their backs for up to twelve months let them find their own comfortable sleeping position when they are past one year old.

Let your Baby Sleep in the same room as you

New parents who set their baby’s nursery in a different room should learn the dangers of doing so. Sleeping accidents could occur with the parents in a different room leading to the infant’s death. It is therefore advisable to share a room with your baby for the first twelve months.

However, it is not advisable to share a bed with your baby. The excitement of cuddling your baby to sleep could tempt you into sharing a bed with your baby, but this is quite dangerous. You could roll on your baby when sleeping or blankets could suffocate your baby. Always put your baby to sleep in their own crib in the same room as you. Allow the baby to have a safe sleeping space at all times.

Use Fitted Bed Sheets on the Baby’s Crib

To avoid the likelihood of SID syndrome, blankets, crib bumpers, toys and pillows should be kept out of the baby’s crib. The crib should only have nicely fitted sheets. Any loose clothing in the baby’s crib could cover your baby’s face to cause suffocation.

Always use a Firm Mattress on the Baby’s Crib

A firm mattress will let the baby sleep in a comfortable and still position throughout the night. Use firm mattresses to prevent babies from rolling out of bed or getting stuck in certain positions that may cause choking.

Place your Baby’s Crib away from Electrical Wires or any Loose Cords

When setting up your baby’s nursery in your room, make sure the crib is placed very far from any electrical wires or sockets. This will create a safe sleeping area for your baby without any dangers that come with unattended electric wires. Also, remember to get rid of any loose cords that may be hanging within the baby’s reach to prevent strangulation.

Always put your Baby to sleep in their Crib

When your baby falls asleep on the couch, in their car seats or on their strollers, always pick them up quietly and put them to sleep in their cribs. This is a safe practice that will prevent any dangers of suffocation.

Dress your Baby in only one piece of clothing

When sleeping, ensure your baby is safe from suffocation by dressing them only in one piece of clothing, ideally a sleep suit. Numerous pieces loose clothing may suffocate your infant. You could also swaddle the baby to keep them warm but remember the swaddle should not go past the baby’s neckline. This will ensure your baby stays warm and away from suffocation.

If you follow the above safety tips, you will reduce the likelihood of SIDS occurring. You can visit for more tips on how to keep your baby safe at all times.

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