Tuesday 21 May 2019

3 Ways of Feeding Your Child's Thirst for Knowledge

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The world is a great and incredible place, filled with all kinds of wonders, and all sorts of opportunities
for adventure, growth, and learning.

Children are naturally inclined to be curious about the world around them, and will typically be amazed
by just about everything.

While your child will naturally have a certain thirst for knowledge by default, anything you can do as a
parent to help develop and encourage that thirst for knowledge can have a dramatically positive impact
on their lives down the line.

When a child is encouraged to pursue knowledge, and to find the process of pursuing it fun, they will
typically do better at school, and will likely do better in life as a whole, too.

So, here are just a few ways of feeding your child's thirst for knowledge.

Consider enrolling them in a Montessori school

School, as we tend to think of it, isn't always very fun, engaging, or uplifting for kids. A large part of
this has to do with the fact that the most popular school models today are based on a rigid old Prussian
system that was largely designed to instil obedience above all else.

But, your child doesn't have to go to a school that leaves them feeling unnecessarily restricted and

Montessori schools are a very popular alternative education model, based to a large degree on the child
choosing their own areas of interest, working for undistracted blocks of time, and engaging in a
process of discovery, rather than just memorising things by rote.

If your child doesn't seem to be particularly inspired by their current school, a Montessori school might
help them to find learning fun and exciting, rather than dull and restrictive. Montessori schools exist at
a preschool level, and at various other age ranges, too. Almost regardless of how old your child is,
there's something worth exploring here.

Read to them from an early age

These days, we all have TVs in our homes, as well as computers and high-speed Internet connections.
Many of us also have digital tablets, and smartphones, too.

Allowing your child to watch an engaging and fun cartoon that has a moral that you approve of, can
certainly be beneficial. But, when all is said and done, there's just no substitute for reading books to
them from an early age.

Reading to your child helps to develop their imagination, helps to develop their focus and the depth of
their thinking, and helps to get them comfortable with the idea of reading in and of itself.

Among other things, this makes it more likely that they will take to reading books on their own, which
is one of the greatest avenues for the development of knowledge at all ages.

Get them educational games that strike the right balance
and appeal to their interests

There are many different forms of educational games out there, ranging from video games to board
games, and focusing on subjects from math to history.

These games can be very powerful resources in feeding your child's thirst for knowledge, as they help
your child to associate learning with fun.

Importantly, though, you need to get them games that strike the right balance, and that appeal to their
interests. If they like history, for example, or geography, the old Carmen Sandiego series of games may be ideal.

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