Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ozeri Brezza II Dual Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk Fan Review

It is soooo HOT here tonight we took the kids out for a swim in their little pool to cool down before bed

and my husband says " we are taking the General to bed tonight".  I gave him a VERY strange look until he explained that the General was the Best Darn Fan we ever had! lol  And he is right!  I am sooo very pleased to have the opportunity to do a review on the Ozeri Fan!!  At first I was thinking a desk fan...oh well it will be nice to have another fan i our no air conditioning upstairs even if it is small....Well was I ever surprised!!  It says high power right on the box but still desk fan and that seemed like an oxymoron to me...That is until I plugged it in and....Ahhhhh!! That's about all i said! 
This is the desk fans of desk fans!  Very high power and with both side to side and up and down osculation it can really cool a place down in a hurry.  I am SOOO Happy!!  It also says it is good to use in the winter near the hot air vent to help propel the hot air around the room. This could end up being a money saver for us as our upstairs is unbearably hot in the summer (it faces west) and the bedrooms are downstairs so they are very cold in the winter so some good circulation of the warm air will be great!!

This fan has dual oscillation motors that deliver cooling airflow. The Brezza II by Ozeri has 3 motor speeds, and the lowest noise output in its class.I would say that it is not quiet as you can hear the power as soon as you turn it on but it is not overly load either and for the how great it works I'm sure it is quiet and small compared to it's competitors! It also has front mounted controls and a push of button for osculation. The Brezza II can also be used in non-oscillating mode and can be adjusted up to 90 degrees on its vertical axis for uniform airflow. The 3 speeds allow you to choose between a cool breeze, refreshing wind, or a more powerful stream of air.

  Overall I love this fan and I'd recommend it to Everyone!! You can find the Brezza II by Ozeri on their website, Facebook and also on Amazon!


  1. I would love to have this in my bedroom, while we are not having a heat wave like most, it is hot here and it's a dry heat. This little desk fan is great. Tell your hubs I'm taking the general to bed tonight haha

  2. I would love to have this by my desk. We have AC but it seems to be broke and with it getting up in the 100s I would love something to stay cool while sitting behind the computer.

  3. I need one of these! It's so hot and humid, the AC isn't keeping up :(

  4. That fan looks really cool! I had to say that...very nice review. Ozeri seems to makes some great products.


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