Monday 24 September 2012

Big Announcement From Mommyknowz

We are very pleased and excited and well a little bit scared ;) to announce that we at the Mommyknowz household are expecting a new little bundle of joy in April of 2013!!!  This will be number 4 for us and we haven't decided if we'd like another boy or a girl.  My Husband says "what the heck would we do with a little girl now!!"  With our crazy tackling rambunctious boys, she would be in for some fun!  and would absolutely hate us when she was a teenager trying to date with 3 older brothers "watching out" for her lol I am very happy to welcome either a boy or a girl so long as they are happy and healthy!
Just went for my 12 weeks ultrasound and baby is growing and healthy!  It was the first time out of the 4 children that it was really put into perspective for me...... so amazed that a fetus can be 6 cm from top of head to bottom of bum yes 6 cm and be a baby..legs arms ...whole bunch of tiny moving beautiful baby!! 6cm!! that's this big

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  1. Congratulations on # 4, you are a brave Mom lol. And know you are happy. I had 3 in 2 years and it was a chore but loved every minute. Now I am a proud Grandma Judy to 4 boys and 2 girls.


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