Monday 26 August 2013 new great Auction site for Calgary Families great new Auction site in Calgary
I am always looking for a good deal and now with four boys even more so.  Any parent can tell you how fast children grow out of their toys and clothes and especially when they are young some things hardly get used so why not take advantage of this face and buy some great items used!!!
  I love to check out the swap sites on the Internet and came across a great auction site for south Calgary mom's on Facebook.  It was fast moving and full of people and great stuff including baby, child household even clothing items.  They had even implemented a Bin system so that sellers could leave the item in the bin outside and the buyer could then come when it was convenient for them to pick up the item leaving the money inside.  No more waiting around for buyers to show up or being rushed to get to a sellers house at a certain time (with kids we all know how hard being on schedule is!!!)  the problem ...I could never figure out how it worked and could never find the item I wanted again as it always disappeared in the cue of comments.
The leaders of the Facebook page noticed the problem too and came up with a great idea and created a new website in place of the old Facebook page!  The site is GREAT!! Easy to navigate and find what your looking for and much easier to place bids and see information. Better yet it is now open to all areas of Calgary!!!  I LOVE it!! Unfortunately I can see that my DH and my checkbook will not be loving it so much lol!
Now all you do is sign up at and start bidding.  You can even narrow down by location which is a great feature for someone like me who lives in an outskirt area.  Another GREAT feature is there is now an app so you can stay on top of your bids easily on your tablet or phone!!  More bad new for DH ;)
I can see myself spending a lot of time and money on!!!
Sign up and get in on the action and keep your eyes peeled because is going to be a giveaway for an iPad mini and some great gift certificates coming up soon!

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