Thursday 1 August 2013

Milk Unleashed: A New way of drinking milk!

With four boys we go through A LOT of milk and by a LOT I mean we really should just invest in a cow!  My boys LOVE milk!!  Mommy however has a love hate relationship with milk... Yes it is healthy, great drink for the boys, helps them grow big and strong...but then there is having to deal with the issues of keeping the milk cold when you leave the house, but then you don't want freezing cold milk to put into little baby bellies (I usually warm it up for the little ones)  There is also the drip, cause you know that every time you put a full bottle in the diaper bag no matter hot tightly it is sealed your going to have a leak and usually it is all over the one dry outfit...
Yes if you hadn't figured it out by now this has been and is an ongoing issue for this Momma.  This is why I was very excited to find Tetra Pak shelf safe milk!!  Yes this is milk that does not need to be refrigerated (well at least till after its opened)!!  I have to admit I was a little unsure but gave in to the I have got to try this! and now love that I can just throw a pack or two into the diaper bag before we go out and know that if I need it it is there, no bottle drips, no having to worry about how long it's been out of the fridge, if it's too warm to drink and gone bad...  
I wish I had known about these before the last camping trip!!  We ended up bringing home about a liter of warm milk that had to be thrown out, and this after it had taken up a large portion of the cooler space! What a waste!!
I also love it as a great idea for DS1 lunchbox as he will be trekking off to Kindergarten this year.  I can freeze it the night before and then by lunch time nice cold refreshing milk without any mess!
For a busy Mom this is a great option to get your children ALL the benefits of milk with the added bonus of convenience!!  It also comes flavored!! 
Check here to find here to buy near you!
Check out this video to learn more
and find Milk Unleashed on their Website,

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