Monday 12 August 2013

Babies First Bottle

I Breast feed my children and am very proud to have made it to almost a year with my older boys.  I do however need to use a bottle sometimes to get them a little extra or let Daddy have a turn or even get a little water into them on the really hot summer days.  Recently we had a heat wave here in Cowtown and on top of that my littlest guy was having trouble pooping and was very uncomfortable.  All he wanted to do all day long was drink from mom and after awhile Mommy just needed a break and there was nothing left for him anyway.  I knew he just wanted to suck but with how hot it was and the constipation I knew a little extra water would go along way. I always have a really hard time giving my boys bottles however as my boys just will not take a bottle early on and if they do they ALWAYS seem to end up with a lot of gas!  I have tried and tried different brands and types of bottles with only a little luck so I was really excited when I found Dr. Browns bottles and accessories.  

Dr. Browns Bottles
Dr.Brown's BottlesThe bottles look like regular bottles but the have a little something inside,  it looks like a valve and then a straw that goes down into the bottle.  The idea is that this eliminates the vacuum suction which regular bottles have.  This decreases the amount of air that baby is ingesting and therefore reduces gas and colic. 
 I thought it was worth a go and gave the wide mouth bottle a try.  To start I love the wide mouth of the bottle!  DS3 still takes a bottle for nap and bed time with milk and it is a big pet peeve of mine when milk gets spilled all over the counter cause I miss the bottle whoops!  I also love that there are 4 stages of nipples so I can customized the bottle to the different stages that my children are at.  I am all about finding ways to reduce my budget  and space used so being able to use one product for two children is a bonus!!  I was also super excited to learn that the Dr.Brown's bottles are proven to help preserve the nutrients in breast milk!  This is so great!! I was always worried that my milk would change when it was sitting in a bottle, now I can be rest assured that my baby is getting as much natural nutrients as possible and I can still have a break!
A Happy Boy with Dr.Brown's Bottle
I also tried out the microwave sterilizer,and the drying rack which are both super helpful!  I never thought of buying a microwave sterilizer but man it is great!!! I have already run through the bottles and have even done a load of our old pacifiers and some straw cups.  I always thought I'd just use a pot and boil water but I never end up doing it for some reason and then I feel bad that things are not properly cleaned now I just pour some tap water in the bottom, add the bottles and stick it in the microwave for 5 minutes! So simple and easy and I will be using it a lot!!  Now I am sitting here thinking of all the things I'm going to sterilize!! and I'm getting excited lol yep I'm a Mommy! ;)
Dr. Brown's Soother

Another Dr.Brown product that has caught my attention is their pacifiers.  There is a little channel where the plastic dips in the tip of the nipple.  I have never seen this feature before so I had to check it out and found it was to help minimize the pressure in a baby's mouth and they were developed by a pediatric dentist.  I am very curious to see how the boys like them!

With all these great products from Dr. Brown's I am so glad that they are more readily available here in Canada!!  
You can find Dr. Brown's products at Babies r Us

This post was generously sponsored by Dr. Brown’s, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information, visit[]


  1. These bottles look great!! and different from the others i'd love to try them out. Thanks

  2. thanks for the great post! I hadn't seen this kind yet so will have to check them out!

  3. I think I would have loved a microwave sterilizer too. We usually just used the dishwasher but sometimes a load isn't ready to be run. thankfully those days are long gone for me!

  4. I never did use Dr. Browns with my kids, just Avent and I loved them! They had some wonderful extras, like the microwave sterilizer, which was a life saver. It was my full intention to breast feed, but when my now ten year old daughter wasn't latching for several days we had to start pumping ( well I started pumping the second day). Emily was fed with a little tube taped to my finger, but she still wasn't sucking. The end result ended up being a serve tongue tie that had to be clipped, but she lacked the know how to suck so we kept on pumping. Eventually things got better, but the breast feeding did no :-( Although my daughter was bottle fed I pumped for 12 months straight and did not need to supplement. I like to think she got the best of both worlds :-)


  5. I like that it eliminates vacuum suction! Great bottles

  6. Though, we are long past the bottle stage, I have a little niece who I watched struggle to use a bottle this past weekend. I am sharing this post with my SIL - I hope it might help her find a bottle they can use.

  7. This is bring back such memories. I have to admit my daughter use to make a game out of seeing how far she could spit out her soother. It was really funny. Thanks for the review.

  8. wow you really know your stuff. Wish i knew about these when my kids were babies. i had my first two 11 months apart and these would have been a time saver.


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