Friday 27 June 2014


If your my age you will remember receiving those big old phone books every year one with all the phone numbers and the other the Yellow pages.  I love the yellow pages and was actually sad when they stopped delivering a new copy every year.  I was at a loss of the best way to find phone numbers for businesses without my trusty yellow pages but now I am so excited to learn that Yellow pages has come out with some great apps to use on my smart phone!!!

Yellow Pages Canada has some great new apps that are sure to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable!  Now you are able to read reviews, find deals, find out store address and hours of operation...the list goes on and you can do it all right on your smart phone. 
 You then even have the option of sharing your great finds with friends and family via social media!  Now that great deal you just have to share with your mom is so easy to do!  I love that I can now read reviews for the products I want to purchase without have to search all over the web for them!  I always research our big buys and to be honest I often research small purchases too. With four children and one more on the way I don't have time to browse or bring items back if they don't work for us so I like to know that I am leaving with the best product for the best price.
There is another super great feature which is the cheapest gas finder!!  With the integrated map feature the app will find the cheapest gas prices in your area so you can save some much needed dough!  I personally LOVE this feature!  With about 11+ gas stations all in my area I never know which one to choose when leaving the house, now I just have to open my app and I know which store has the best prices!  This is an amazing app to have just for this feature alone especially for a family with five young children.  We always try to get the most bang for our buck and this feature makes something that we ALWAYS need so easy!!

You also still have all the old great features of:

Business, Person and Reverse phone look-up 
Local search, using GPS 
Deals displayed on products offered by businesses 
Reviews, that you read or that you wrote 
Advertiser videos, photos and ads 
Business details that include hours of operation, payment methods and more… 
Save information to your favourites or to your address book 
Share listing results to others via e-mail, text message (SMS), or Twitter 

Here is a video so you can see the new Yellow Pages app for yourself:

Find Yellow pages at on Facebook and Twitter and get the New Yellow Pages App is available at for both Apple and Android phone and can be found in the play stores.

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